Our Story

40 Akers began when our founder, Stephanie “The Head Hunter” Hunter, wanted to create a legacy of providing fresh, healthy food and educate others on self sufficiency by actively growing our own healthy food within our own community

Before her untimely death (02/26/2020), she passed on her legacy of sustainability and growing our own healthy food options to a committed group of volunteers who has continued to expand and nurture our founder’s mission.

Today, our co-owners, Jordanne Dempster and Shuntrell Hayes currently manage the space as a non profit organization that serves the South Phoenix community with sustainable gardening education and volunteer opportunities to maintain the space.

Nurturing Our Legacy Everyday

Our volunteers and sponsors keep our operations running. As we continue to nurture our founder’s mission, we aim to be fruitful in our efforts to serve and educate our community for generations to come. Your support means everything to us and the community we serve. We appreciate your sweat equity and donations.

Can we count on you?